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Providing a personal service, with a flexible, innovative approach to design. Helping clients attain planning permission, building regulations approval & listed building consents.

Artistic Impressions

Artistic Impressions and Concept Drawings can be a very useful tool to help visualise the end result. If you have thoughts about starting a prospective project, whether it is a new build, house extension, or interior renovation and you can not imagine exactly how it is going to look when complete, then Caves to Castles have the answer for you with our Artistic Impression drawings. This system can be introduced into the design process either before formal plans have been drawn up to give clients an idea of what is achievable and how it would look, or after the formal drawings have been completed we can either produce a black and white sketch or coloured artistic impression.

Also For Developers & Estate Agents

Once you have drawings and the Planning Process has been approved the next big step is to put the project on the open market. We at Caves to Castles can interpret from your plans and location site and provide a full coloured three dimensional artistic impression on how the building or buildings will look when finished, thus enabling your future clients to envisage their new home. This process can also be adapted for any commercial venture such as Public Buildings, Parks and Recreation Centres, and most of this can be achieved if you send us the original plans along with location plan, postcode and any photos of the site that are available.


In the UK we all live in various styles of houses that have developed over many periods in time...

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Each house has its own unique presence and for those who inhabit them, their own special requirements, which can change throughout the years. We at Caves To Castles can help you to extend, remodel, refurbish or renovate all house types, whilst still being sympathetic to their original concept. Also, where we need to completely redesign the existing structure to a more 21st century approach, our expertise can be invaluable.

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